Danielle Hunter’s personal trainer thinks he should sit out the season

The personal trainer for Vikings defensive lineman Danielle Hunter wants to see Hunter prioritize his health and sit out the full season.

Hunter, who has been on injured reserve all season with a neck injury, has not said publicly when (or if) he plans to return. But James Cooper, the personal trainer who has been working with Hunter for his entire NFL career, believes that Hunter would be wise to take his time and see if his neck heals on its own before having surgery.

“I just gave [Hunter] my opinion that it’s best to try to let it heal naturally,” Cooper told Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “He’s young. He has his entire career in front of him. I’ve given him my opinion that I would sit out the rest of the season.”

Hunter suffered what was initially described as a “tweak” in his neck in August, but it’s clear that the injury was more serious than first believed — perhaps serious enough to end his season before it begins.