“Major hurricane” heading for Louisiana

The Saints are scheduled to host the Chargers on Monday night at the Superdome. Fifteen years after Katrina, another hurricane is heading toward Louisiana.

Hurricane Delta (they ran out of alphabet this year, so they’re now using Greek letters) has gathered sufficient power to be regarded as a “major hurricane,” and it’s expected to hit Louisiana later this week and this weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, Delta currently churns over the Gulf of Mexico, with a likely curve to the north later in the week. This could lead to “some significant” impacts across “portions of southeast Louisiana,” which includes New Orleans.

It’s still too early to know what will happen. It’s not too early to have concerns about how things will play out. Louisiana’s unique geography makes it susceptible to far worse consequences of a direct hit than other American states, as illustrated by the devastation wrought by Katrina in 2005.